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Providing speedy solutions for designers, engineers and inventors, our unique online magnet design tool and calculator generates values of magnetic flux strength at various distances and applications.

Test different concepts quickly and easily.

Provides a range of results to show the effects of varying the Br, thickness, diameter, width or length.

See the outcomes of various design changes and specifications.

Guaranteed to save you lots of time.

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Magnetic flux density calculations on-line from Australian Magnetic Solutions
Please read, understand and agree to the following Disclaimer

DISCLAIMER: This program has been made available for the sole purpose of familiarizing the user with approximate force of magnets. It is the intent of International Magnetic Solutions to foster a greater understanding of magnet technology and magnetic applications through the provision of tools such as this graph program. The results, however, are not necessarily optimum for any particular design problem.

Detailed design of magnets involves considerations that may not be present in this program. International Magnetic Solutions does not offer any warranty with this program. This program has not been designed for rigorous use by external organizations. Therefore, only limited user support and documentation is available.

International Magnetic Solutions reserves the right to review any graphs which are the output of this program, and modify such graphs as International Magnetic Solutions deems to be appropriate, before any design can be said to constitute a magnet design on behalf of International Magnetic Solutions.

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